Travellers’ visit closes East Ord picnic area

East Ord picnic area has been closed to the public
East Ord picnic area has been closed to the public

Motorists wishing to use the picnic area at East Ord will be thwarted by large chunks of concrete preventing entry to the site.

The make-shift bollards were placed across the entry by agents for the Highways Agency, along with a sign reading ‘picnic area closed’ after the latest group of travellers to set up camp in the car park left the site last week.

Residents had been concerned by traveller camps set up in the picnic area car park over the last two months, because drivers on the A1, as well as local residents, could not use the area and its facilities.

Rubbish, including dangerous gas cylinders and dirty nappies, was left strewn around the car park after one group moved on and a picnic bench had been destroyed and used as firewood.

Local residents would like something to be done to deter the travellers in future - the current solution, preventing anyone using the site, being far from ideal.