Spring weather too cold for River Tweed’s brown trout

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Brown trout in River Tweed are not enjoying the poor spring any more than we are and anglers report that few are being caught.

Experts put the poor numbers of trout down to a delay in flies hatching because of the cold weather, resulting in the trout not being able to feed properly.

Anglers estimates that the trout are between four and six weeks behind in their feeding have been backed up, according to the River Tweed Foundation website, by trout scale sample readings taken from the River Whiteadder.

Scales from trout contain a record of its growth and the fish can be aged by looking at their scales. When comparing scales from Whiteadder brown trout caught in March and April 2012 with those from 2013, the readings showed that the percentage of trout sampled in late April 2013 that had the first signs of faster growth was well behind those caught at roughly the same time in 2012.

The late April 2013 results are more in line with those of scale samples from the mid March 2012, confirming that the trout season is around six weeks behind 2012.

“Hopefully now that the weather is warming up, the trout will start feeding in earnest – and we can all look forward to some decent fishing,”says the Tweed Foundation website.