Solar panels for Eyemouth Harbour Trust building

Eyemouth Harbour Office / Fish Market

Eyemouth Harbour Office / Fish Market

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Eyemouth Harbour Trust has put in a planning application for the installation of solar panels on the roof of its harbourside building.

The trust is keen to promote itself as a base to service the offshore wind development sites in the North Sea and see the proposal as a visible way of linking the harbour and the building with the renewable energy sector “to help push the already prevailing idea that the harbour is the ideal mix of the historic and the progressive”.

In their supporting statement submitted to Scottish Borders Council, the trust outlines why they believe the location is ideal for installing solar panels: “The fact that the building is of a more contemporary design means that the installation of the panels would be less aesthetically ‘jarring’ than it might be were they fixed to some of the older, more traditional buildings in the area.”