Police issue warning after Borders thefts

Police are urging residents throughout the Borders to ensure they properly secure their windows and doors to their properties at all times following a spate of slip in thefts over the festive period and attempted thefts in recent weeks.

So far, there have not been reports of any such incidents in Berwickshire but last week, rear doors were tried in the High Croft, Berrymoss, and Oakfield areas of Kelso.

Officers are requesting that should anyone observe people acting suspiciously in these areas or knows the identity of the individuals concerned to contact police as soon as possible.

A police spokesman added: “If doors remain unlocked, windows left ajar, and purses, handbags or other valuable items left on open display, it only takes seconds for these people to enter an insecure property or smash a window.

“We would urge people to check that their windows and doors are securely closed to assist in minimise opportunities as much as possible”.