mESMeRICK have customers in a real lather

Rich Mandeau and Euan McIver brewing up a batch of soap at their home business mESMeRICK in Coldstream
Rich Mandeau and Euan McIver brewing up a batch of soap at their home business mESMeRICK in Coldstream

TWo local performers have gone from the stage to being well on their way to soap stardom by designing their very own range of chemical free products.

Euan McIver and Rick Mondeau, members of Duns and District Amateur Operatic Society, came up with idea of hand made body products during an idle moment between shows last summer.

Rick, with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, ran his own hair and beauty salons in the USA before moving to Scotland in 2010, had already been accustomed to making his own shampoos and conditioners,

where he was able to carefully control the ingredients.

“We were aware the media were constantly talking about the dangers of chemical additives to our food, and how many people now shop more carefully, and prefer organic produce. However, what you put on your body can be just as important as what you put in it” Rick said.

“Research shows skin is highly absorbent, everything you put on it can be taken in, and can have just as many health effects as your diet. The same goes for hair, nails, and just about all of your body. So when shopping for hair and beauty items, it makes sense to be just as concerned about their ingredients as you would about your groceries. Natural beauty products are the safest and healthiest choice. We decided we could make soap and shampoo without the need for the harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) that manufacturers use to make their products lather.

“We burned the midnight oil in our kitchen in our then home in Duns and made a few varieties of soap using simple ingredients we knew we could trust. People have been using plants and other natural ingredients for centuries, both for medicinal purposes and also for their beautifying properties. So when you wash your hair with simple SLS Free shampoo, or treat your skin to goat’s milk soap, you are using the wisdom passed down through generations to get the best possible results.”

These trial soaps proved popular with friends and family so the range was extended and some special Christmas varieties were created.

“We have had a major success with our Goats Milk soap for sensitive skin, psoriasis and eczema” said Euan.

“Unperfumed and uncoloured it works amazingly well on all delicate skin types from babies upwards.

“Being an actor washing off stage make up night after night really dries out the skin, but using our Goats Milk Soap keeps the skin supple, moisturised and soft, and even those with skin problems who refuse to change their brand of soap, in case a new type causes irritation, have admitted that our Goats Milk soap has really helped their skin.”

The business has expanded rapidly, so much so that mESMeRICK relocated to Coldstream where they continue to hand craft a range of SLS Free Solid Shampoo Bars, as well as their SLS FREE Essential Oil Soaps and Goats Milk Soaps.

And the hard work and care that goes into hand making, hand cutting, hand wrapping and labelling every single item is obviously paying off as the pair have recently been approached by a TV shopping channel to provide them with a selection of their items bundled as a pamper pack.

“We are thrilled that our hand made products may be going nationwide” said Euan, “but we still hope that the local area and environs, for now, will provide the bulk of our customers, and we are actively seeking local outlets who would like to carry a range (or all) of our products.

“We have already sent products out across the UK and some of our environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos are on the way to Borneo.”