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  • by Simon Duke

A seven-year-old Swinton girl is donating some of her hair towards wigs for young cancer victims after deciding to have 11 inches cut off.

Olivia Prentice took her seat in a chair at The Hair Lounge in Tweedmouth after telling her mum Victoria that she fancied a hair cut, but rather than just seeing her long locks swept up and put in the bin, she wanted to help other children.

Victoria did some research on Olivia’s behalf, and that’s when she found out about The Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls throughout the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair as a result of cancer treatment.

However, the cost of the wigs, which are made in China, is about £350 each, so anyone keen to donate their hair is also asked to do some fundraising.

That’s a challenge Olivia, known to her nearest and dearest as Liv, has been happy to take on.

“She set herself a target of £100, but we’re now close to doubling that which is fantastic,” said proud mum Victoria.

“I was sad to see her lovely long hair go. It was down to her waist. But she’s getting older now and she knows her own mind!

“I’m so proud of her for doing something so selfless. She could have just had her hair cut and thought nothing of it, but she was determined to do something for charity.

“ And when she wants to do something there’s no stopping her.”

Eleven inches of hair later Olivia looked happy with her new bob haircut as friends and family watched hairdresser Joe Lovell do his work.

The lady herself said she really liked her new look and it certainly got the seal of approval from her mum, dad, brothers and grandad.

Although not quite as extreme as pop star Jessie J, who donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust after having it completely shaved off last year, Olivia will certainly shock a few of her classmates when she returns to school at Swinton Primary after the Easter break.

“One of her friends has said she wants to do the same now, so Olivia might have started a trend,” Victoria joked.

With Olivia’s chopped off plait safely in an envelope ready to be sent off to the Little Princess Trust, the Prentices planned to celebrate with some fish and chips.

If you want to help Olivia raise more money visit




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