VIDEO: Colin Leifer installed as Coldstreamer

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  • by Janice Gillie

Coldstream’s Henderson Park was bathed in sunlight as 26 ex-Coldstreamers marched into the park to see the 62nd Coldstreamer, Colin Leifer, installed.

Recently appointed chairman of Presenting Coldstream, Iain Dickson, welcomed the crowd and announced that the first step in proceedings was for the 2013 Left Hand Man, who was also the 2012 Coldstreamer, Liam Wallis, to take his place among the ranks of the ex-Coldstreamers.

This done, it was then a sideways shuffle as last year’s Coldstreamer, Grant Campbell, moved into the vacated Left Hand Man post and Colin Leifer moved from being 2013 Right Hand Man to centre stage for 2014. This made room for James Balmbro to take his place as Right Hand Man for the coming year.

Introducing James, Iain told him: “Enjoy the year, listen, learn and follow Colin as much as you can as it will put you in good stead for the year ahead.”

Addressing Grant, the 2013 Coldstreamer, Iain added: “Your passion, dedication and enjoyment shone through. I remember standing at Charlie’s Monument as you led the cavalcade back from Flodden and saw you punch the air when you were on your own and said ‘Yes’ I’ve done it, I’ve carried the burgh standard to Flodden and brought it home safely.

“It’s now your duty as Left Hand Man to guide and support Colin and help prepare James for the coming year.”

Turning his attention to the man of the moment, Colin Leifer, Iain noted that Colin was taking up the reins as Coldstreamer 40 years after his father Jim Leifer had occupied the role.

“You only get out of this office what you put into it,” advised Iain, who was Coldstreamer in 1987. “You get one chance and I urge you to make the most of it.

And as he sashed Colin, Iain said: “Good luck, enjoy it and savour every moment.

“It’s a privilege to install you as Coldstreamer for 2014, wear this sash with pride as all the men standing behind you have done before.”

Colin responded: “ It’s with great pride I stand here tonight and when I look behind me and see the proud men who have gone before me I promise to uphold the high standard they have set.”




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