Counting the cost of damaged speed cameras in region

Vandalised speed camera on the A68 along the Newtown St. Boswells by-pass.

Vandalised speed camera on the A68 along the Newtown St. Boswells by-pass.

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Figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives have revealed that nearly half a million pounds has been spent on replacing and repairing speed cameras in the Lothian and Borders region over the last five years.

It comes after several speed cameras along the A68 and other roads in the Borders were damaged or stolen in recent years.

The figures also revealed that there were several incidents of vandalism in the area on speed cameras in the Lothian and Borders region, each costing several thousand pounds to repair.

MSP John Lamont said: “I’m sure that many drivers in the Borders will be shocked to see just how much money has been spent on maintaining and replacing speed cameras in our region. £439,378 is a huge amount of money to fork out on them, and it will understandably not sit well with motorists who have been continually hit in the pocket by these cameras in the past.

“There is already a lot of anger towards the number of mobile and fixed speed cameras that the Scottish Government are placing across the Borders. While they do have a role to play in making our roads safer, it is questionable whether it is necessary to have so many, or on stretches of road where accidents are rare.

“The anger towards them has been clear to see in the Borders recently, with several cameras along roads such as the A68 being vandalised.”

He added: “If speed cameras really were about saving lives then surely more should be placed in residential areas and in and around schools. Instead, the overwhelming impression is that they are being used as a way to rake in even more money from motorists.”

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