Chirnside pupils contribute to Commonwealth Tapestry

P5 at Chirnside Primary making a start on the 'Commonwealth Tapestry'

P5 at Chirnside Primary making a start on the 'Commonwealth Tapestry'

  • by Kirsty Smyth

Chirnside Primary School pupils have overseen the first stitch in a special tapestry which will be displayed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The school is the only one in the Borders contributing to the Commonwealth Tapestry, a piece of art by children from all over Scotland which will be exhibited at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as part of Festival 2014.

Intended to welcome the world to the Glasgow 2014 games, the tapestry will be made up of squares designed throughout Scotland and the commonwealth, and will show visitors to Scotland the country’s variations from the Mull of Galloway to the Shetlands.

Chirnside Primary School has embraced the opportunity to fly the flag for the Borders, after being selected to design a metre-square of embroidery to be included in the piece.

Nine-year-old Christopher Mackinnom said: “I can’t believe we are the only school in the borders to make a square!”

Primary 5 has co-ordinated the project with support from their teachers and the wider community. Pupils from each year contributed ideas and drawings to reflect both the local community and the countryside around it.

P5’s Andy Kerr (9) explained: “We came up with four categories: sport, nature, buildings and views. I came up with sports day because I like sports. I think Chirnside is going down in history because we did this,” he added.

Classmate Micah Chapman (10), drew a barn owl. “I came up with an idea about barn owls because there are barn owls in Chirnside in nature,” he said.

“All the pictures got laid out and we put stickers on the bottom of our favourite ones. The ones with most stickers got chosen to go in the tapestry.”

The finished design, which was proudly unveiled by the P5 pupils during a special assembly last Friday, includes a scene from civic week, the Jim Clark memorial clock, a tractor and, of course, the school.

Ms Cranshaw, the village’s oldest lady, and youngest pupil Leonie Kelly applied the first stitches.

Chirnside Primary’s parent council is holding a coffee morning in the village’s community centre at 10am on Saturday (March 29), when there will be an opportunity to see the design and add a stitch to the tapestry. All are welcome.




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