Janet’s thank you present ruffles a few feathers

Janet O'Kane with one of her new chickens
Janet O'Kane with one of her new chickens

Members of a Berwickshire community council shunned more obvious gifts like a gift token or engraved watch to give their outgoing secretary a present to remember.

A loyal and efficient member of Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth community council for seven years, Janet stepped down from her duties last month but her colleagues weren’t going to let her slip away quietly.

They wanted to reward her with a token of their appreciation for all her efforts but after being stumped by what to get her ended up going down a very unconventional route.

“Janet has been an absolutely flawless servant to the community council,” treasurer Pete Gibbens told ‘The Berwickshire’.

“She only officially became a community councillor four years ago but before then she did a tremedous job as a volunteer in the community.

“in fact she has only missed one meeting and that was because she had to get an assignment finished for her open university degree.”

And Peter explained that was it was a tragic accident at Janet’s home that led to the brainwave about her leaving present.

“As treasurer I was given the task of buying Janet’s gift but no-one had any real clear cut idea of what to get her.

“So I rang her husband and after being stumped fir a while he suddenly came out with ‘I’ll tell you what- chickens!’

“All the chickens at the farm had been eaten by a fox not so long ago. And like anyone is when they lose a pet, Janet had been reluctant to replace them.

“I went back to the community council with the idea, not knowing what reaction I’d get but after being given the okay I got in touch with Ted and Janet Baker at Winshiel and we got our chickens.”

The lady herself said while she wasn’t expecting a present and would’ve been happy with anything, admitted she was touched by how much thought had went into it.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better present.

“When I lost my chickens I didn’t really have the heart to replace them but the new ones have settled in really well, I had eggs from them straight away!”

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