Garden centre puts lives first

Dunbar Garden Centre raising �652.52 for The Dunbar Community First Responders

Dunbar Garden Centre raising �652.52 for The Dunbar Community First Responders

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Since opening its doors in July last year, Dunbar Garden Centre has been raising money for The Dunbar Community First Responders.

Last Saturday Nick Donaghey, manager of Dunbar Garden Centre, handed over a cheque for £652.52 to Sandy Mitchell, co-ordinator of The Dunbar Community First Responders.

Nick said: “We would like to thank all our customers for donating. The First Responders do a fantastic job in the local community and we are really pleased to have raised such a large amount.”

Dunbar Community First Responders provide emergency medical support to Dunbar residents pending the arrival of the Scottish Ambulance Services and is crucial to saving lives in this area of East Lothian.

Sandy Mitchell from First Responders said: “We are very grateful for the fund-raising efforts of Dunbar Garden Centre and its staff.

“We are keen to increase the number of public access automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the town and the money raised will go towards the purchase of a machine.

“For someone unfortunate enough to suffer a cardiac arrest, early defibrillation is key to improving their chances of survival. An AED is simple to use and gives clear audio instructions as soon as it is switched on.”

The garden centre chooses to support one local charity each year; following the First Responders the garden centre staff have chosen their new charity to be Dunbar RNLI.