Funding for Interest Link Borders

Interest Link Borders has secured £4,500 to help meet some of its staff costs.

The money is coming from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland and is their seventh award since 1998.

Interest Link Borders works with people aged eight and over who have learning disabilities to enable them to get involved with social and leisure activities. This is done by matching people with volunteers who provide one to one or group support.

Andrew Findlay, the project co-ordinator, said: “Many people with learning disabilities find themselves isolated as it is hard for them to get involved in activities most of us take for granted such as shopping, swimming or even just going out for a coffee. The whole point of what we do is to improve day to day life for people by giving them the support they need to do things they enjoy and which make their lives better.

“In the past few years we’ve started a service for children which lets them take part in the same out of school activities as any other children. This has really taken off now and not only gets them mixing with other children out of school but also helps make their lives as normal as possible which is so important. Our volunteers do a great job, but of course someone has to co-ordinate all this work and like most charities we often struggle to raise the money to cover these costs so this funding is very welcome.”

Over 200 people a year use these services which are available across the Borders through branches in Roxburgh, Tweeddale, Central Borders and Berwickshire. As well as helping people do everyday things, this support also gives their carers a break.