Fire Service issue another chip pan warning after blaze

THEY are the source of many domestic fires and Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service are once again reminding people of the dangers of chip pans following a blaze in Edinburgh last week.

Fire crews in the capital city responded to a chip pan fire in the ground floor of a property in Marlborough Street, Portobello on Tuesday, August 16.

An ambulance was called for the 38-year-old male occupant who was suffering from smoke inhalation. He was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by ambulance.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said: “Chip pans are a common cause of kitchen fires. We would advise people to consider replacing them with a thermostat-controlled deep fat fryer. The safety cut-out device controls the temperature to stop the oil or fat overheating.

“Even if you don’t own a chip pan remember any type of cooking can lead to a fire – whether you are using a wok, grill or frying pan. Many people think if they don’t have a chip pan then they don’t have to worry about this kind of fire – they do.”

The Fire Service urge people to heed the following advice: when deep frying, dry the food before you put it in oil; never fill a pan more than one-third full of oil. If the oil starts to smoke, it’s too hot so turn off the heat and leave it to cool.

If you must use a deep frying pan: never deep fry with fat or oil when you’ve been drinking alcohol and don’t leave cooking unattended.

If a deep frying pan catches fire: never try to move the pan; never throw water over the pan; phone the Fire and Rescue Service.