Eyemouth welcomes Manali visitors

Dr. Varghese at his fellowship ceremony.
Dr. Varghese at his fellowship ceremony.

Eyemouth High School had the privilege of welcoming Laji and Sheila Varghese from Lady Willingdon Hospital and Day Star School in Manali, recently.

Dr and Dr Varghese are the founders of Day Star School which Eyemouth High school has paired up with in a partnership which allows pupils in both countries to learn more about each other.

Dr Varghese spoke to the pupils about the reason why he and his wife started the school twenty six years ago. He related tales of how he sees children as the face of change and if a community wants to see change, they must start with the youth.

He told the pupils about one of his many success stories since starting the school. Through education, houses and families have been revolutionised with the introduction of household toilets.

Before Day Star School opened its doors, Manali lost almost a child every day to disease and infection because of the lack of proper facilities in homes. But once the children got accustomed to using proper toilets and learning about washing their hands at school, the number of deaths related to diarrhoea has been eradicated.

Dr. Varghese and his wife were over in Scotland as Dr. Varghese received a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians from Glasgow University for the work that he has been doing in India. He has been recognised for his contribution as a surgeon in the hospital attached to Day Star School as well as his work in the surrounding rural clinics in the Himalayas.

Eyemouth High school plans on continuing their partnership with Day Star School and enabling the pupils to engage with different aspects of Indian culture. The plan is to continue with workshop days as well as taking a group of pupils to Manali in a few years time.