Emily celebrates her 100th birthday at grand-daughter’s wedding

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A double celebration was held at Berwick Rugby Club recently.

The occasion was to mark the wedding of Alison Jackson from Shoresdean and Richard Hume of Norham and also the 100th birthday of Alison’s Nan, Emily McLain.

Emily was delighted to be able to celebrate her 100th birthday on the occasion of her youngest granddaughter’s wedding.

Emily is one of seven children and was born at North Sunderland. She lived at Grievestead for 30 years where she worked on the land. Her late husband George was shepherd there before he had to give up the job due to ill health. The couple then moved to Shoresdeean where Emily has lived for 33 years. Emily has four children, eight grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. She loved her garden and whist drives and was a member of the WI. She now resides at Berwick Care Home.

Alison, who was married at Ladykirk Church, said: “It was great to have Nan at our reception so we could celebrate her birthday with her. We had a cake for her and of course she had her telegram from the Queen.”