Duns nursery benefits from Black Hill wind farm cash

RENEWABLE Energy Systems Ltd (RES) opened the doors to Black Hill Wind Farm on Saturday for a tea party to celebrate the launch of the community fund and Scottish Renewables Festival 2010.

The first grant of 4,000 from the Black Hill Community Fund was presented to Sunrise Nursery of Duns, who will use the money to keep the nursery open.

The 22 turbine wind farm situated between Duns and Longformacus was opened to the public for the day to celebrate all things windy and renewable. Access to the wind farm was by an hourly shuttle bus from Duns.

Those who attended were able to find out just how wind can be turned into electricity to boil your kettle or power your TV.

Visitors were given the opportunity to see inside one of the wind turbines and RES staff were on hand all day to answer any questions.

There was a range of children's craft activities which included making wind chimes, wind socks and the there was the opportunity to leave your hand print on one of the turbines.

Through a community fund linked to the wind farm, RES is committed to providing financial benefit to the local community. The fund stands at approximately 30,000 per annum and is available to be spent on environmental, educational and social initiatives.

The Black Hill event was part of the wider Scottish Renewables Festival, which will see installations all over the country opening up to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of renewable energy in Scotland.

Allan Johnston, head of development for RES in Scotland, said: "RES is excited to be taking part in the Scottish Renewables Festival 2010. We believe strongly in community involvement and the festival is a great way for the local community to find out what happens at Black Hill Wind Farm.

"As one of the windiest countries in Europe, it is essential that Scotland reaps the benefits of wind energy in order to address climate change, make our energy supply more secure and create green jobs. We are delighted to be celebrating what has been achieved so far."

Niall Stuart, the chief executive of Scottish Renewables added: "The Scottish Renewables Festival is a great opportunity to celebrate Scotland's incredible successes in renewables. We produce over 40 per cent of all renewable electricity in the UK, are home to Europe's biggest wind farm, and leading the world in the development of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

"As a result, more and more communities are looking to renewables to power their economies and the sector will create tens of thousands of highly paid and highly skilled jobs across the country over the coming years.

"The week is a chance to visit some of the leading projects around the country, learn more about this fast growing and dynamic sector, and find out how you can help support the growth of clean energy in homes, businesses and communities around Scotland."