Dunbar welcomes speed limit trial

Twenty's Plenty campaigner Morag Haddow of Sustaining Dunbar at Lochend Road, Dunbar.

Twenty's Plenty campaigner Morag Haddow of Sustaining Dunbar at Lochend Road, Dunbar.

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A 20mph speed trial in Dunbar, aimed at reducing road casualties and improving the quality of life, has been welcomed by local residents.

The experiment has been introduced after a period of public consultation and will run until June 2015. The area covers all roads south of the East Coast rail line west of Spott Road, with the exception of Kellie Road.

Morag Haddow of Sustaining Dunbar, a member of the national ‘20’s Plenty for Us’ campaign, said: “Streets where people live, work and play are not just thoroughfares for cars. Slower traffic speeds make walking and cycling more appealing, making a short trip to school or to the local shops a pleasant experience and an opportunity for gentle exercise. Sustaining Dunbar hopes that 20mph limits will be rolled out to other areas before too long.”

She said that there had been a “positive response” from residents and that she hoped Kellie Road - main route for hundreds of children going to and from school - could follow suit with a 20mph limit if the trial was successful.

Speeds in the area are being recorded before, during and after the trial period to establish its effectiveness. A follow-up report will be submitted to the council at the end for councillors to consider whether to make the limit permanent.

Inspector Ian Mackay, Community Inspector for Dunbar, added: “We have worked closely with East Lothian Council and the community of Dunbar in developing this traffic regulation order as there is no doubt reducing the speed of vehicles will reduce road casualties and improve the quality of life for the local community.”