Duke raises nearly £1m for charity on Coast to Coast walk

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The Duke of Roxburghe and his friend Henry Wyndham, chairman of Sotheby’s, have raised nearly £1million for charity.

The pair walked across the north of England, completing the 192-mile Coast to Coast in May. The Duke told us: “It was a challenge. I had never done anything like that before. It’s 192 miles, it’s a long way!”

Bad weather was a feature of the two-week hike. The pair were joined on different days by family and friends and retired footballer Sol Campbell.

The Duke was walking to raise money for a research project co-run by the man he credits with saving his life, oncologist Dr Nick Plowman.

The landowner was diagnosed with throat cancer with secondary tumours in the lymph glands and chest three and a half years ago. Doctors said the outlook was bleak.

The Duke said: “I had never had a serious medical issue in my life. I had always led a fit and active outdoor life – lots of skiing, tennis, golf, shooting and fishing. The diagnosis was a massive shock that simply turned my life and my family’s upside down.”

But following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy the Duke has been free from cancer for the 18 months.

“I had been looking for a while to give something back and this (walk) just fitted the bill very well.”