Church and Rotary combine for Duns garden makeover

The new look garden at Earlsmeadow.
The new look garden at Earlsmeadow.

Duns Parish Church and Duns Rotary Club combined their efforts recently to improve the environment in Earlsmeadow in Duns.

Having become aware that the weeds in one of the gardens in that area had totally taken over and had become more of a jungle than a front garden, the decision was made by these organisations to do so something about it.

Duns Parish Church minister, Rev Stephen Blakey, who is also a member of Rotary, said: “There are times when problems in life seem to big to deal with and no easy solution seems possible.

“Duns Parish Church tackled the first phase of the problem, which was clearing the chest high vegetation that had taken over and was starting to spread seeds into other neighbouring gardens.

“This was no time for gentle gardening! The team moved in and removed everything except one solitary rhododendron bush which was left sitting in the centre of the patch.

In under three hours a team of church members, assisted by some of the young residents of Earlsmeadow, had completed the task and filled a pretty large trailer with a huge load of saplings, brambles, rose bay willow herb and all sorts of plants.”

The church then handed over to the members Duns Rotary Club for phase two.

Rev Blakey explained: “This consisted of fitting edging boards, killing off any remaining roots, laying down a membrane and then covering the area with red chips.

The Rotary Club provided the skills and the man power, and funded the cost of the material.

“The task was quickly completed and that corner of Earlsmeadow has now been transformed to the benefit of all who live in and pass through the area.

“Residents Gary and Elaine Abbot have expressed their sincere gratitude to all those involved in tackling this task on their behalf.

“It has made a huge difference to them and to their family.”