Borders business organisation comes back stronger than ever

A LEADING Borders business organisation has introduced sweeping changes and is about to move into its next period of growth.

The Borders Chamber of Commerce has shaken up its finances, changed virtually its entire board and polished up its strategy in the last year – and it is now about to embark on a major membership drive.

There were now plenty of good reasons for local businesses to join and become involved, Convener James Aitken – himself a new appointee who has only been in the job for a matter of months said: “The Borders needs a business organisation – or even organisations – whose priority is to represent the interests of the community. We have decided that we must be financially viable, we must not be reliant on external funding, and we must not be just another talking shop or boys’ club.”

The organisation was now in discussion with SBC and other business bodies so that efforts to help local companies to flourish could be co-ordinated and maximised. Anyone interested in joining the Borders Chamber of Commerce should contact