Borderers warned of ‘citizens advice’ phone scam

The Citizens Advice Bureau would never telephone Borderers at random requesting financial information.

But that is precisely what scamsters are doing in the region, according to Patricia Buckley, manager of the Roxburgh and Berwickshire CAB.

“We want to bring this scam to the attention of the public and warn them against fraudsters, who are targeting vulunerable people, claiming to be from the CAB,” said Ms Buckley.

“We have been made aware that someone claiming to be from the CAB is telephoning households, asking for their financial information and offering to help them clear their debts.

“I want to state very clearly that the real CAB would never do this and nor would any reputable organisation.

“We occasionally call clients we already have a relationship with, but we would never call anyone out of the blue to offer financial services.”

Ms Buckley said anyone receiving such a call should not divulge any information and report the incident immediately to the Trading Standards department of Scottish Borders Council on 01896 823922.

“It’s only be reporting such scams that we can stamp them out.”

But she added: “If people do need help with their debts etc, then we are, of course, only too willing to help – but you have to come to us.”