BHS parents voice British Bulldog concerns

JOHN Clarke, headteacher at Berwickshire High claims that the playing of British Bulldog isn’t yet giving him reason to worry, despite a number of parents having concerns.

This week ‘The Berwickshire’ received word that a number of parents were so worried about the affect the playground game was having on their children that they were considering moving them to another school.

But although Mr Clarke said he and his staff would be keeping any eye out for any signs of trouble, there were no plans at the present time to prohibit children from playing it.

He commented: “Pupils play the British Bulldog game regularly - usually in a friendly manner - but we are monitoring the situation very closely.

“Playing outdoors is something we try to encourage as it brings health and social benefits - but if we feel this game is causing problems then we will not hesitate to ban it.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council added: “As far as we are aware there isn’t a bullying problem stemming from the game.”