Appeals against wind power plan refusals

PERMISSION for a 54 metre wind turbine at Old Farmhouse Townend, Cockburnspath has still been refused after a review of the original decision.

Windberry Energy Operations Ltd asked for the review after Scottish Borders Council’s planners refused planning permission on the grounds that it was contrary to a number of their planning policies.

Planners took the view that the proposed wind turbine would harm the local landscape setting because of its design, location and scale. There was also concern that it would be too prominent in the landscape and the negative cumulative impact of its proximity to other consented developments, in particular Drone Hill on Coldingham Moor.

Another reason for refusal was that it would adversely affect the setting of the Coastal Area of Great Landscape Value.

Shadow flicker was also seen as a potential negative effect of the wind turbine, particularly for people living near it.

Planning permission for a temporary 60m meteorological mast - the first step in assessing whether the site is suitable for a wind farm - south west of Prenderguest Farm, Ayton, had also been refused by Borders planners and the applicants Energie Konto UK Ltd have appealed against the decision.

The mast was refused because of its height and because it would be development of prime agricultural land. However, rejecting these grounds for refusal, Energie Konton Uk argue that the site is not within an area of designated landscape value, and the design of the anemometer mast “ensures that it has the ability to fit and integrate into the rural landscape” plus they point out that the amount of prime agricultural land affected is minimal and would not be a permanent loss.