Age Scotland’s Power of Attorney drive

Age Scotland is visiting local groups such as Duns Senior Citizens as part of a national campaign to urge people to make a Power of Attorney.

This legal document gives someone else the authority to make decisions about your life – eg finances, care and property – if you were to need help or lose the ability to make decisions for yourself.

Speaking to Duns Senior Citizens recently, Rebecca Dickson of Age Scotland pointed out that making a POA is one of the most important choices people can make.

“It allows you to choose who you want to make decisions on your behalf, should you lose the ability to do so, and gives you the opportunity to discuss with those around you what you would want to happen in certain circumstances,” said an Age Scotland spokesperson.

Without a POA in place, somebody would need to go to court to get the legal right to make decisions for you. This can lead to issues such as families being unable to access shared finances to pay bills, or care decisions being delayed resulting in people staying in hospital longer than necessary.

Brian Sloan, chief executive of Age Scotland, said: “It’s not nice to imagine something happening which would mean you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself. Planning in case something were to happen, won’t make it happen. It means that if it were to, both you and those close to you have the peace of mind that you have had the chance to talk about what you wanted to happen.”

To find out more or ask about having a presentation in your area, contact Age Scotland on 0845 833 0200.

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